All about spells for love

In the short time and space we have for you tonight, let us take a different garden path. Let us walk down a different, rosier garden path tonight. Don’t worry, the moon’s shining quite brightly and the loving Wicca witch is going to guide you. Do not worry, she’s not going to charm you, although she is quite gorgeous, mind you, she’s here to hold your hand and tell you little bit about spells for love. She’s your high school guidance counselor for tonight.

She’s no shrink that much we can tell you. She doesn’t bite the dust, nor does she bark at the moon. There’s no myth about her, she really does cast spells over folks that ask her too. You need to chat with some of them to see how their lives turned out. Because, like you, they truly believe in love, things turned out alright for them in the end. It can for you too. That is to say, if you’re still looking for love. Don’t worry about the darkness; the moon is brightening up your path.

Do not worry what’s around that next corner of your path; your Wicca guide is softly holding your hand. Listen to her, she’s whispering in your ear right now. Although she barely makes a sound, you can still hear her clearly, like the bell ringing at the cathedral, or the little dog with his ear perched up close to the gramophone. Some witches are born that way. But then there are other devotees who spend a few years learning the magical crafts.

Because they’re so interested in love. They want to make a contribution. They believe in free love. That’s part of what Wicca is all about.